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Gain visibility to data on all your employees' Office 365 activities including every file modified, every login attempt, every password change, every mailbox acessed and more

Insentra’s Discover & Audit Service provides visibility into every inch of your Office 365 environment including who is doing what, from where and on what device

Millions of transctions are performed within your Office 365 environement everyday. Do you know if they are all Employees are performing thousands of actions on Office 365, leaving companies vulnerable to security risks. Insentra’s Discover and Audit Service acts as an insurance policy for Office 365, allowing the monitoring of all internal and external access to isolate events or threats quickly.  

O365 Discovery and Security Audit


We dare to be different

Insentra is a collaborative IT Services partner delivering specialized Professional and Managed Services. Our partner-centric model provides you direct access to industry expertise via your existing trusted service provider. 

We believe great business relationships start with trust. We are 100% channel focused meaning we only transact and deliver services exclusively with our partners however we view our clients as both the service provider and the end-user. 

Our dedication is based on our vision to be the number one channel services company on the planet. We do this by being the best version of ourselves, creating an outstanding environment for our team, loving the work we do and amazing each other, our partners and their clients in every way. 

We are and always will remain a partner obsessed company assisting our partners to deliver outstanding outcomes to their clients. 


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Single pane of glass of detailed view including user and admin activities. Clear visibility in a simple and interactive dashboard, available with ease of access – anytime, anywhere. A must for any business leader or executive looking to gain visibility of their Office 365/Cloud environment.

In today’s collaborative world organisations leverage the Office 365 suite to manage their operations. We understand the importance of tracking and understanding the impact of the activities performed across applications like SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, Azure AD and more. Further applications and features are captured regularly to complement your capabilities to track more activities.

Events such as document access, deletes, modifications and security changes are being constantly monitored and analysed. Flexible reporting capabilities enable you to highlight, filter and perform trend analysis with visual representation of chronological timeline and location.

Access is managed centrally and can be provided to external parties (such as auditors) in a controlled manner, providing them self-service and limited access to perform only approved activities such as repeatable or refined searches. Your IT team can then focus on other critical business requirements.

Get clear visibility to user and group permissions and how they are withheld. Having an insight into how your data is accessed will give you peace of mind and a good handle on the risk exposure of the business, with the ability to mitigate as soon as it occurs.

One of the core functions of the Office 365 suite is the ability to share information and collaborate with external parties. With our reports, you now have the ability to know what is shared and when, again minimising the business exposure and prevent data loss.