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Provides easy to interpret data to help reduce costs, indentify security risks and maintain visibility of usage and changes in an Office 365 environment

Insentra's reporting service provides you with all the information you need to make informed decisions about your environment

Insentra's Reporting Service brings monthly insights, helping to identify services that are not being used, manage security and measure return on the Office 365 investment. Some of the benefits of this service include: 

  • Identification of irregularities and the amount of spam received
  • Tracking storage trends to forecast future needs
  • Understanding how employees are using Skype for Business and monitor service adoption
  • Monitoring mobile device policy information, ensuring correct policies are applied 
  • Identifying opportunties to save money on unused licenses
  • Ensuring mailboxes are secure


We dare to be different

Insentra is a collaborative IT Services partner delivering specialized Professional and Managed Services. Our partner-centric model provides you direct access to industry expertise via your existing trusted service provider. 

We believe great business relationships start with trust. We are 100% channel focused meaning we only transact and deliver services exclusively with our partners however we view our clients as both the service provider and the end-user. 

Our dedication is based on our vision to be the number one channel services company on the planet. We do this by being the best version of ourselves, creating an outstanding environment for our team, loving the work we do and amazing each other, our partners and their clients in every way. 

We are and always will remain a partner obsessed company assisting our partners to deliver outstanding outcomes to their clients. 


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  • SharePoint Online Reports: Reduce risk of sensitive information, enhance security, monitor storage, manage administration and audit SharePoint online permissions. 
  • Manage SharePoint Online Administration: various SharePoint settings and site collection reports across all sites in a single view 
  • Manage SharePoint Online site collection: Track performance and activity across site collections 
  • Monitor Storage: manage costs by monSHitoring and reporting on all your SharePoint site and site collections storage consumption and trending 
  • Permissions and Group Permissions: review and manage user and group permissions to minimise risk of exposure. Get clear visibility of the permissions origin – unique (specifically assigned) or inherited 
  • Sharing, Versioning and Auditing Settings: gain visibility on internal v’s external sharing settings, review versioning settings and see how auditing is configured on site collections 
  • OneDrive Usage Reports: OneDrive usage and activity monitoring. Regain control over your storage consumption and inactive users consuming license and increasing your risk exposure